Thursday, April 20, 2017

Happy Boy!

Willard is ONE and he sure is a happy little boy! I know people have pros and cons about social media, but I choose to view it as positive always! It is a platform where people may not have your number, may have never even had a conversation with you but they love your work + your style and want you to capture them! Hannah + Caleb both went to high school with me, but were upper class man so we never really crossed paths till now! When she reached out I was thrilled! They have a beautiful farm so we were able to find many areas to capture this happy boy! 

Little ones are always a little challenge when it comes to capturing their smile, but you just rock and roll with it because they only give you their best for a short amount of time! I heard this when I started shooting that when they are this age, this is how they are! Moving, falling, not posing, looking all over the place, don't sit still and that is just OKAY. Lots of talking, waving things around and even a little break is very helpful when shooting! 

More littles to come soon!



Friday, April 7, 2017

GFs are the Best

Flash back eight years ago sitting in the bleaches of our high school at the Friday night basketball games that we attended all season long! The love for One Tree Hill became the topic of choice and like that we clicked. Throughout college we sent packages + letters and now out of college we celebrate with happy hours, coffee dates and daily group text. They say when you find your tribe hold them close. These two have seen it all, the good, the bad and even the ugly. 

We recently met up on a beautiful Saturday to explore, drink coffee and have lunch with a beer. We became vulnerable during our time together. Well, to be honest it was more me. I will be the first to raise my hand that I am not perfect and I am not afraid to admit I have been struggling. And when you can sit in front of two souls with tears in your eyes its so clear to see the heart and soul of a good friend who cares. We cheers to our struggles, the exciting things happening and to all the unknown in our lives. Because no matter the season, struggles or not, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. Have the most beautiful weekend!


My First Engagement Shoot!

I was so excited when this beautiful couple asked me to take their engagement photos! I have never done an engagement before and knew it would be a little different that a family portrait session. They no doubt are so excited to be married and are so in love! 

I met my girlfriend the day before and scoped out some areas in St. Paul, MN. That city is filled with so much beauty and I knew I had found the perfect spot with the river + parks surrounding it.  It fills my heart knowing how pleased they were with how the photos turned out. My photography page also had great reviews!! It makes me so excited to continue this passion of mine + help create more beautiful images for couples + families! 

I have come a long way since I first dived into this six months ago. I have educated myself + have learned so much over that short period of time. I have incredible support + can not thank God enough for this gift. It truly means a lot for me to capture images of love + laughter for families to hold onto forever.