Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Jake + Jenna Winter Engagement

Jake + Jenna are two incredible people who's love for one another just shines. I have had the privilege of knowing Jenna for many years, her sister was my college roommate, and during that time we were pretty much inseparable. I helped plan her surprise 16th Birthday party and now I get the honor of capturing memories of one of the best days of their life this summer! 

Their love story is so unique! They both grew up in the same town for 22 years and never spoke, only knew about one another. It was not until a few years ago Jake sent Jenna a Happy Birthday message on Facebook and the rest is history. Jake's proposal is something you would see on Hallmark Channel during Christmas time + the whole world celebrated them that day I believe. 

I was honored when Jenna asked if I had her date available + then quickly booked me! Never would I have guessed their January engagement shoot would have been 40 degrees that day! It was simply so beautiful and we had the best lighting! We bounced around down town Red Wing, MN, it is such a darling town and has so many great photo spots! I am so looking forward to their wedding day this summer! I can only imagine the beauty and love that will be shown by all that day and to share it on the Blog as well.  

Congrats to the future Mr. + Mrs. 

Welcome, 2018

2018 I am so ready for you! But was I? If you know me personally or if you ever meet me in person I am an open book and love to talk, sometimes too much, so why am I afraid to put myself out there in the social media + the business world.  I am a 27 year old trying every day to be the best version of myself and to love the season of life I am in. I am growing so much with each month that passes me and I am changing, and I love it!! In my early 20's I was so afraid of change, probably because my life was changing all the time! From where I was living, to the career I was currently pursuing, to the dreams in my head and so much more! For once I am celebrating change, to putting myself out there, being confidant in who I am and who I want to work at becoming.

What you can see from me in 2018 - more of my work + words + wold on here! I am pursuing a path I am so passionate about but have such a long way to go but enjoying the process of it all! When people ask the famous question "so what do you do for work" my heart beats a little fast and I respond quickly now with "many things" it is not your 9-5 job and I find that I surprise people most of the time, but I hope they can see the joy I have in my eyes when i explain where my heart currently is and how it all truly makes me happy, even though I don't have it all figured out quiet yet :)

I have crossed paths with some of the most creative, inspiring + uplifting women who are currently working towards their dreams as well! It has been so helpful during those doubting times.

A lot has changed in a year since 2017 when I wanted to create this space for myself + my work. But Life happens and you just go with it! My goal is post more here this year and share my life in this space!

Thank you for choosing to read this and I know it is not close to being"finished" but in the words of a women I so admire Jenna Kutcher "It doesn't have to be perfect to be good"


Photos: By one of my best Mallory Jane  she too has a great Blog!

Friday, February 16, 2018

The Perfect Vacation

Hola Mexico! 


Our Room View :) 

 They had the Best Mojito's 

 Swimming with Nala who is 19 years old! 

Thankful for the best guy + the best trip. 

"Vacation all I ever wanted! Vacation time to get away!" Well, now I would just love to go back! Cancun, Mexico you did not disappoint for the a first timer! This trip was the perfect break up during the midwest Winter and now we are making sure to go somewhere each year! We stayed at Moon Palace Cancun all inclusive and it was an incredible experience! We went with Zach's family for seven nights and had the best weather! The resort was so clean, the staff so friendly, the entertainment was great, plenty of pools + you can never be disappointed with an Ocean view! The beach was great but it was high tide the entire time we were there so it was not the best swimming. 

We left the resort twice, once to visit another beach near by that our wrist bands allowed and the other was to swim with Dolphins! It has been a dream of mine to do so + I am so grateful to have experienced it with Zach. A quick back story is that I wanted to be a marine biologist the majority of my childhood but dreams change but swimming with them is something I knew I wanted to make happen! They are still one of my favorite animals and exceeded my expectations in the type of creatures they are. 

Now, this was my first "beach" vacation I have taken in some time along with the longest vacation! Did I over pack? Of course. But I am glad I really only bought swim suits and just wore previous summer clothing in the evening. I could have lived in my high waisted bikini and kimonos the entire time if I had to, then I really only would of needed a backpack for the trip ;) 

I was so reset within my body + brain after this trip. The sun felt amazing and it was the perfect therapy I needed for my mind. I also would love to buy an orange law chair and may be the new color I wear this summer! Spring can hurry on up because I am longing for warmer weather, to be outside longer, sit on patios and have my skin sun kissed all over again!